Monthly Archives: May 2019

Rodin Younessi Supports Local Communities by Hosting Charity Events and Donating Dealership Vehicles

Longtime motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi owns a series of high-volume dealerships across the country.   Through events hosted at his dealer locations and through vehicle donations, he is able to support local and distant causes alike, ensuring safety and good health for community members along the way.   Rodin Younessi has long held a passion […]

Rodin Younessi Pilots Specialty Racing Vehicles in Various Renowned Competitions

Experienced racer Rodin Younessicompetes internationally both in solo positions and as part of a multinational high-endurance team. In addition to traditional cars, he’s made a career driving specialty racing vehicles during some of the most elite competitions to date. In his racing career, Rodin Younessi has earned many top privileges and raced in some of the world’s most […]